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Hey chum, here we go again with totally different temporary email service. Do you know about Throwawaymail? Do not feel worse buddy. Now, I am gonna grab you into this topic. is a temporary and disposable email address service. As its name states that your email address can be thrown in a click. This temporary email address can be disposed in a single browser refresh or PC shut down. Each time you visit another email address is produced only for you. The produced email address can quickly get email, and any email that is gotten will appear on the home page. Nobody other than you will see the email that is gotten.

It is Disposable buddy:

How Throwawaymail works?


This email service is simply clean with great user interface. When you first visit then a random email address will be created for you. Your email address will be shown below to Throwawaymail logo or header. Copy your email address or give it to others to get emails. This email service is more useful when you want to validate yourself with some websites. Throwawaymail continuously checks for new emails. Each time last inbox checked time will be shown. There are numerous explanations behind utilizing a disposable email. You might need to give somebody an email address without uncovering your personality. On the other hand you might need to sign up to a site or web benefit yet you are worried that the site will send you spam later on. The email domain for this service is

In case if you want a new email address at that instant without closing browser or tab then you can quickly create one by clicking on Generate new email address link that is visible under thraml logo. When you clicked on generate new email address then previous email will be gone, all received email also erased and completely new email will be generated.

Note that when you restart your browser or PC, the produced email address will be gone and another email account will be created after going by this site.

Let me give you some alternatives or similar email service providers





10 Minute Mail

20 Minute Mail

Fake inbox

Melt mail etc…

The big Deal is:

Final notation

Throwawaymail is just simple and neat. All above listed email services are used for similar purpose. These email addresses will be helpful while receiving validating emails and during sign up procedures.