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Hotmail is the largest email service which is web-based and provided by Microsoft Company as a part of Windows Live. Hotmail said to be one of the first email services. We can access it by visiting . Actually, It was developed by two members Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in Mountain View, California. After this breakthrough, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and launched as MSN Hotmail. It now has 400+ million users and became more useful with its great features. Hotmail was now closely structured with Calendar, Skype, One Drive, People and Office Online. Hotmail sign up provides unlimited storage and it is integrated with Windows Live messenger. It is now available in more than 35 languages.

Only one account can make us use all Microsoft products such as One Drive, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, OneNote Online, Skype, Windows, People, and calendar can be accessed or used with A single Hotmail account. We can use Hotmail email service to access our files, Messages and Microsoft apps on any device. One of the best features available in Hotmail and you didn’t notice in another email service is “Sweep”, which makes us to simply organize our files or emails. With Sweep feature, we can delete hundreds of emails from our inbox in seconds and we can manage to remove /delete the unwanted email before it arrives. As you already might know that to use this Hotmail service you need to be registered or need to do Hotmail Sign up. Perhaps if you have Hotmail account already then you can know the routine of Hotmail Sign in.

Note: – If you have Outlook account already then you can manage or access everything with that as I said before. Because I forgot to mention that was replaced Hotmail later in 2013. Anyway, you can use any of it but, the only change is your email address look, it will be either or “”. If you visit then also it will redirect you to Now, in the below section I’m going to show you the process of Hotmail Sign up via step by step.

How to create a Hotmail account or Hotmail registration(Hotmail Sign up)?

This below guide is written under concern of newbie. But, if you have some basic knowledge about internet Sign ups then you can directly get registered by simply following below images.

  • To begin the routine of Hotmail registration, we need to go to the website or URL of Microsoft Live login page. I already told you about this in the first paragraph that is
  • Have you landed on Outlook account login page? If you do so then scroll down to below for Sign up option. If scroll down below you can see the line saying “Don’t have a Microsoft account?” next to that there will be Sign up option/link in blue color click on it to begin Hotmail Sign up. sign up

Note: – Do not confuse with the names Hotmail, Outlook and Microsoft account. Why because they are all same.

  • In the Signup form if you see the first field there we need to fill/enter out first name and last name. This field will contain your name and it will be shown to your friends, family, and others while you are using Microsoft services.

hotmail create

  • Now, it’s time to choose a username for your account. Depending on your chosen username mail address will look like this “”.

hotmail email

  • Next, is the very important field that is a password field. Here we need to choose a password in a way that should be strong and no one could be able to guess it. Your password length should be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least two of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. After entering the password in the next field also do the same thing to confirm the password.

hotmail account

  • Next three fields are two simple, we need to choose our country region from the drop-down. After that select birth date from the drop-down itself and in next field choose a gender from the drop-down.

email hotmail

  • Following two fields are related to mobile number, so select country code of your mobile number and in the next enter your mobile number. Here your phone number is required to keep your account secure and make sure to give a correct number because your mobile number need to get verified by Microsoft for that they send a message containing verification code or automated call.

hotmail mail

  • Provide an alternative email address if you have one else leave it, this is also for security purpose. Perhaps in any case, if you lost your account you can regain it by this alternative email. Your email address also needs to get verified. I need to say that this field is completely optional.

hotmail register

  • Now prove that this entire registration is not doing a robot, prove yourself to Microsoft that you are a human and you need an account by entering/typing text that visible on the image, if not visible reload it else follows audio verification.

create hotmail

  • Finally, read or go through Microsoft Service agreement and privacy cookies statement and click on “create account” button.

hotmail sign up

  • As a part of registration, you will be asked for verification of your mobile or alternate email after that your Hotmail Sign up will be completed and enjoy all Microsoft products.

Next steps after creating Hotmail account: – Hotmail Sign in, Hotmail Sign out.

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